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Keep it under your hat

I’m a big hat fan.  I wish sometimes that I worked in a cool, “creative” job where I could wear hats to the office, because otherwise, they’re basically relegated to the weekends.  And I can’t wear one every Saturday, because then I become the “hat girl”, and I don’t really want to be known for that.

So, I wear them sparingly, but with great affection!  In building this outfit, I started with the fedora and added on until I landed at a casual almost-fall-but-not-ready-to-embrace-it look – which I love from the waist up.  

Unfortunately, I don’t love my shoe choice.  Don’t get me wrong – I think my fake Sperry’s are great (better than the real ones because the toe is shorter and more feminine).  But, with these jeans, I look a little weighted down.  I would have preferred heels, but I couldn’t mentally rally around them – I really did want to be comfortable.  Practicality won for maybe the first time ever. 

Also, I went shopping right after I took this picture and found bracelets that matched even better than the ones I’m wearing.  So now it just kinda bugs me that this outfit isn’t AS perfect as it could be.  Oh well!

Now, it’s the weekend – where comfort clothes, going-out clothes, and church clothes collide!  What’s your favorite weekend look? 


  1. Cute Outfit! Now following your darling blog:) hope you check out mine:) xo

  2. Thanks for the follow, Erin Nicole! I’ve returned the favor, and I look forward to being blog buddies!

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