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What to Wear: Travel Edition

In the fall, I travel quite a bit for work.  While I have not mastered the art of speedy or light packing – you just never know what you’ll need, and I have to plan for all possible events! – I have mastered the art of what to wear on an airplane.  And trust me, it’s come after much trial and error.

I always want to look cute when I’m traveling, because you never know when you’re going to run into Tim Tebow in the airport.  Looking cute for me often means wearing heels, but all it took was one face-plant in the Detroit airport for me to realize that was a bad idea.

Secondary to looking cute is being comfortable (yes, that’s always secondary).   Maxi dresses are comfortable and cute, but apparently, people hide weapons between their legs, as I was pulled aside for an extra pat-down the last time I did that.  No more maxis.

Planes are often cold, too.  My toes have been frozen one too many times for me not to wear closed-toe shoes, and a sweater is an absolute must when in the air.  Make sure, though, that it’s a sweater and not a jacket, because it can get real awkward when they make you take your jacket off in the security line and you’re just wearing a skimpy tank. 

Next, I always wear a watch when traveling.  I’m pretty much dependent on my phone for absolutely everything, but when you can’t have any technology turned on (say, after they’ve closed the door, but you’re stuck on the tarmac for another 45 minutes), an old-school time-keeper becomes an essential. 

Lastly, my headband.  A headband is not an essential part of my travel wardrobe, but wearing my hair flat is.  A couple years ago when the Snooki pouf was big, I wore my very minimalist version through security.  Apparently, you can hide weapons in those, too.  Who knew?

So, those are my travel dressing tips.  Any others that I’ve missed?  Have you had similar undressing experiences?

Cardigan: H&M
Jeans and Headband: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW

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  1. I also got the hair pat-down once. I think it was something with the bobby pin.
    I definitely avoid shoes I have to tie and belts I have to put back on.
    Good tips! 🙂

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