The days of wearing my pretty yellow dress this year are numbered.  I can add a brown cardigan or blazer and extend it’s life a little later into the fall, but not much.  Soon, it will have to be retired until next year.

So, I wanted to get one more summer wear out of it.  The weather right now is sunny and mid-70s; the kind of weather that makes me want to wear color.  I went with one of my go-to palettes – the crayon box  – and came up with the outfit you see below.  I love the electric blue and yellow combination and the white belt gives it a very crisp, polished feel.

I don’t ever really put my summer clothes away, but it still makes me sad when some of my favorites have to lie dormant for a few months.  Do you have any pieces you hate to put aside for the changing seasons?  Any you’re really excited to bring back out?

Dress and heels: JCPenney