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Inspired Looks: Cat 2.0

Remember that time my friend Cat was a guest contributor to my blog? Of course you do – her satirical post was one of my most widely read of all time.

Well, Cat is back, but since I’m writing this post, it will be decidedly less amusing.  Sorry.  But this time, Cat has a great outfit I wanted to show you all for realsies.

First, polka dots.  You know how I feel about polka dots.  Cat’s dress is polka perfection, and the skinny black belt accentuates her waist nicely.  To make this dress more office appro, Cat paired it with a white blazer – a trendy must-have, which I, as of yet, do not have.  Adding that to my shopping list now.  The gold sandals add a touch of shine – Stacy and Clinton would be so proud.

What I love most about this outfit, though, is Cat’s ingenuity.  You’ll notice in the second picture, if you look very closely, a binder clip.  The straps on this dress are a little too long, so Cat did what any smart, lazy girl would do – used office supplies.  I heartily approve.

Do you have an outfit you would like featured on the blog?  Email/text/fb me and I’ll be sure it happens!

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  1. Great outfit and I love the use of binder clips:)

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