I know today is Wednesday, so it should be an inspired look, but let’s not get caught up on technicalities.  I’m really just impressed with myself for blogging while I’m on the road at all.

I am planning a post in the next few days in which I show you my massive efforts at consolidation and organization on this long work trip.  Until then, I’ll be showing you some outfits I wore previously.

I LOVED this look from last week.  It’s not really a typical Sarah Beth look; a little more tough than I usually am (I say that about an outfit comprised of both a lavender ruffled jacket and a ruffled skirt).  But, the army green of the skirt (trust me, that’s what that color is), combined with the leather of the jacket, combined with the booties, gives this outfit a little edge that was a fun change from my usual cardigans (by the way…I’m getting quite tired of cardigans.  Perfectly timed for winter when I will wear them every day.).

Sometimes, fashion is the most fun when you step outside of the mold of what you usually wear.  Be bold, and join me in wearing something uncharacteristic – and then leave me a note and tell me about it!

Jacket: TJMaxx
Skirt: Old Navy
Booties: Charlotte Russe (I’m pretty sure)
Earrings: Francesca’s Boutique