Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I love social media on this holiday – so many great photos – especially of the babies!!!

Unfortunately, since the universe decided, without informing me, to celebrate Halloween last weekend instead of this weekend (despite this weekend being closer to the date of the actual holiday), I sadly did not dress up this year. I did, however, wear the following real-life outfit which prompted one man to ask if I was in my costume.  Always an ego boosting question.

I decided to not let it bother me, though, because I got so many other compliments on this look – particularly these amazing pants!  I found them on a clearance rack at Target – a legit steal at $6.88.  I don’t usually do that great at Target – I think their full-priced items are over-priced, and their clearance and I don’t usually meet at the right times.  Obviously, there is an exception to every rule.

It’s weird for me not to wear orange and purple on Halloween (I usually go that route; I just like it better than orange and black).   I guess I just wasn’t feeling festive this year.

Did you wear something Halloween-themed yesterday?  Have a great costume to share?   I’d love to see it!