My brother and I both forgot about Menswear Monday.  So, it seems fitting that I instead talk about I Love My Church Sunday!  Last Sunday, my church did a big promo to excite people about the church again – generally, as well as ours specifically.  As part of it, we got t-shirts.  Since I’m on the worship team, I had to wear my t-shirt on Sunday morning.

Now, I do love my church.  A lot.  I will miss it probably more than anything else when I move.  However, I do not love t-shirts (unless they have an Indianapolis Colts logo on them), so I tried to make this one as cute as possible.  Yellow and red is a fun color combo (even if it does make me think of Ronald McDonald), and the yellow made the black, red, and white a little more interesting.  I also cut a v into the neck of the t-shirt, although I neglected to show you that in the picture.  My neck is short, so if I have a round collar right around my neck, I look suffocated.

Daylight savings time has really messed up my already weak photog skills – I don’t know how to get rid of that bath of light at my feet.  I never used to have that problem.  But, at least you get the general idea.

How would you have dressed up the t-shirt?  Or would you be happy for an excuse to be bummy at church?

P.S.  My church is Freedom Fellowship of Virginia Beach, if you’re interested and in the area – it really is wonderful.