Seriously, guys – how is my brother so much cooler than me? Maybe I should make everyday a Menswear Monday! (Just kidding…kinda).  Take it away, Pal:

I didn’t think the day would ever arrive, but it did. I’m actually not referring to my less than stellar post record, but to the fact that one of my best friends, Carlton, got married to his high school sweetheart this weekend.  I wish them the best of luck, and this post is dedicated to them, even though they will likely never witness it. 

This particular outfit was donned the night before Carl’s wedding. We were going out to have a couple drinks and chat with the boys after the rehearsal dinner. I chose the jeans over a more dressy style of pants because it adds an element of relaxation that I wanted to bring to the evening.

I think this is also a great outfit simply because of its cost [see below for item descriptions]. As I have mentioned in the past, I really value fit over brand, and I think this is a good example of why. The shirt is flawed in that it is a bit big in the body, common with low quality shirts.  However, I managed to hide that well with a proper military tuck and a jacket. [Editor’s note: I didn’t know what a military tuck was, so I googled it.  Here you go.]

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps give some ideas.  There will be more to come – possibly in a timely manner, no promises.


Suede tan jacket – thrifted and tailored – $3, $20 respectively  [Editor’s note: this means, for $23, he got a great, well-fitted jacket.  Don’t be afraid of the tailor, especially if you can find such good deals to start.]

Green shepherds check OCBD [oxford cloth button down] – thrifted, $2. [Editor’s note: I think this might have been “thrifted” from my dad’s closet.]

Dark wash straight leg jeans  – Old Navy, $20 

Tasseled loafers – thrifted, $5