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Red Leather, Yellow Leather

My friend Camden visited me over the weekend, so to celebrate my birthday, we dressed up cute and headed out to eat (we were going to do more than just eat, but that plan was thwarted a little).

I had just bought this dress on my shopping spree the weekend before, and I was eager to wear it.  Really, it’s hot pink, not red, so my title is inaccurate.  However, so was the tag on the dress, so we’ll go with it.

Also flawed about the dress is the size – it’s too big. The belt helps, and with a jacket, it’s pretty much fine.  But, really, for this to look as good as I’d like, it would need to be a size smaller.  But, when you find an on-trend, hot pink, femininely-cut leather dress with an exposed zipper for $15, you don’t say no.

  • Dress: Fiore Boutique
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Necklace: Probably Forever 21?
  • Bracelets (and maybe ring): my Boston boutique whose name I really need to remember

My plan is to start cataloging my wardrobe so I can actually remember where I bought stuff, and maybe even connect you with the vendors…we will see how that goes.

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  1. I love baby doll dresses. The are so flattering on a variety of body types. I like belting mine as well to have more of a defined waist.

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