Y’all I need to start making friends before I have to file bankruptcy from all the shopping I’m doing.  In my defense, I bought the pretty skirt below at a boutique while on a work trip.  I wasn’t filling a void – it just happened to be on clearance and super cute.  I was powerless to its allure.
In case you can’t tell from the picture, the skirt is leather (faux, of course – not b/c I’m super PETA, but because it was cheap).  It still feels like butter, though, and is really light-weight, so it flows nicely (a little too nicely for the wind yesterday, but that’s neither here nor there). Not sure where this leather obsession has come from, but it is very trendy, so I’m going with it.

Obviously, a turquoise studded-leather skirt kinda speaks for itself, so I kept most of the rest of the outfit simple in an off-white palette.  But, of course, you know I can’t deal with only wearing one color, so I added a dusty rose scarf (the muted tones of both colors complemented each other nicely), and the feminine jewelry and heel accents provided the perfect foil for an edgier fabric.

  • Skirt – South Moon Under boutique  (editor’s note – the website calls this “Vegan Leather”.  That is just a fancier way of saying it’s fake)
  • Shoes – Macy’s
  • Blouse – My grandma’s closet
  • Scarf – my mom, so probably ebay
  • Belt – NY & Co.
  • Watch – NY & Co.
  • Ring – a gift from my bestie Laura