Happy Menswear Monday!  This post was supposed to be a Christmas one, but since my brother and I both got a little behind the 8-ball (he’s a senior finance major; I don’t know what my excuse is), this has become a Valentine’s Day post.   All’s well that ends well.
From Silas himself:

It is a new year for another five days (Editor’s note: I obviously got a bit delayed in posting this) and that means that New Years Resolutions still have a 78% adherence rate. So let’s set our resolve this year to dressing sharp as often as possible. The outfit I have pictured below is one from this year’s Christmas Eve service. I like to really dress up during the holidays and get as WASP-y as possible in hopes that I will somehow assimilate my way into living in New England and vacationing at the Hamptons. Even if that doesn’t work out for me, at least I will fail in style.

I chose to wear no tie and tasseled loafers instead of dress shoes and a tie because we live in rural South Carolina and frankly I didn’t want to be too “try hard” amongst the jean wearers. (No offense to those who wore jeans to Christmas Eve service; you were more comfortable than myself.) However if you live in a more upscale area, a bow tie with some wingtips would have looked really sharp for an occasion such as this.

Pants – Old Navy Slim Cut (I love the taper on Old Navy slim cut pants and they are pretty inexpensive)

Blazer – Thrifted/Tailored

Loafers – The one’s pictured were thrifted but I understand that’s not very helpful. A great alternative would be a Bass Weejun

OCBD – Bonobos (Great company, great fit, high price so I always buy on sale or with a discount code)

Socks – I wore plain navy socks but some cool argyle socks would have been appropriate as well.

SB again.  I think this is a perfect look for Christmas Eve, of course, but it goes great for a Valentine’s date, too.  It’s pulled together and sharp and looks like you care, but it won’t compete with your date’s dress (I’m assuming she’s going to wear a dress for Valentine’s day. Who wouldn’t?).  The red in the plaid hints at the color of the holiday without being over-the-top matchy-matchy.

Of course, I’m living vicariously through my brother – who actually has a Valentine date – and all of you who might legitimately use this advice this year.  Think of me while you’re on your fancy dates (or don’t – that might be awkward for the girl you’re with).  And, ladies, be on the look-out for a post later this week of what I WOULD wear, had I anywhere to go.