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Inspired Looks: You!

Today’s post is on a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while: comparison.

We all do it.  (Well, maybe you don’t if you’re completely confident in yourself.  But, I’ve never met that person, so please introduce yourself.  I’d love to learn from you.)

What I’ve realized lately, though, is comparison is really unfair.  Not necessarily because it either makes you feel inferior or superior – that may be true, but isn’t my point.  It’s unfair because very rarely do we know the whole story.

We don’t know that the skinny girl in high school who can eat whatever she wants – and does – is doing so because she loses 10 pounds every month from violent menstrual cramps.

We see the tall, willowy girl and assume she’s always been that way and never worried about her weight.  In reality, she used to struggle with gluttony and be a size 16.

We wonder why a girl is married at 19, when 30 (or 40) is looming for us and we are still waiting – not knowing that the girl was sexually abused for most of her childhood and marriage is part of God’s plan of restoration for her.

We see the single girl going on adventures all the time because she doesn’t have a family to take care of, not knowing that she cries herself to sleep more often than she would care to admit due to loneliness.

Maybe you read my blog and think I know what I’m doing style wise, not realizing that most days, I feel like a fraud for having a fashion blog and I constantly compare myself to girls I think are trendier than me, believing they’re much more qualified to write this than I am.

Our view is so narrow.  Sure, life isn’t fair – there will always be people who are prettier, skinnier, smarter, funnier, taller, shorter, curvier, trendier, richer, and with better hair than you.  But, often, life isn’t fair for reasons we will never know and probably wouldn’t choose, if our eyes were suddenly opened.

So, lets make a pact to stop comparing ourselves and to celebrate what we uniquely bring to the table – even if it’s a different version of what someone else uniquely brings to the table. Different is no better or worse – it’s just the color of life.  And you know I love color.

Why don’t we start right now?  I’ll go first: I love my low-brow taste in music.  There’s nothing more fun for me than singing along to Top 40 Pop or Country with my windows down in the summer time – even if it makes me seem a little unsophisticated.  And, I really like my bargain hunting skills – it’s a game that I feel like I can master every time I go to the mall.

Now your turn – what’s your favorite thing(s) about yourself?



  1. Sarah Beth, that was a great article. I absolutely hate the comparison game, though I play it more than I’d like to admit.
    I love my creativity, my sense of humor, and that I can still be cute (and, dare I say, sexy), even though I don’t look like what a woman “should.”

  2. Awesome Sarah-Beth! And so true, everyone has a story!

  3. Sarah Beth! I love this post 🙂

  4. Jessica Thompson

    February 19, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    What a great post, I really needed to hear this. I think I’ll favorite this one 🙂
    While this is hard for me I’ll give it a go….I love my goofy sense of humor, how I obsess over my niece and nephew, and how I’m oblivious to things around me.

  5. I liked this,

  6. Sarah_Beth

    February 20, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks for reading, everyone! And Jules and Jessica – I like those things about you, too!

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