One of my friends is headed to a bachelorette party in a couple of weeks and suggested I blog about some different bachelorette looks. Seeing as I seldom have excuses these days to get dressed up cute, I was more than happy to oblige.

Camden’s party is in Tennessee at the beginning of April, so it will be spring, but probably a little chilly at night.  She wanted to wear a skirt or dress, but still stay warm.

If it were me, I’d probably wear dressy shorts with a leather jacket, but that’s not really Camden’s style (and I’m still holding out hope that I’ll get to wear that myself eventually…)   So, here are a few options that might work for her – and for you, if you’ve got any girls’ nights out/dates/special events on the horizon.

Look 1: Feminine Chic

Camden Bach 4

When I saw this dress, I immediately loved it.  It’s a very crisp, clean spring look, and the long sleeves keep it more appropriate for the warming weather. The pinks and mint greens are great color accents for the off-white and are also very feminine. Really, this outfit is probably more appropriate for a bridal luncheon or shower, but it’s so pretty I couldn’t not include it.


Look 2: The ClassicCamden Bach 3

Zara shoes

Aldo handbag

Fossil bracelet

Of course, no bachelorette post would be complete without a LBD.  A wrap dress is almost universally flattering and forgiving, and again, the long sleeves are appropriate for the weather.  I didn’t want, however, for the black to be too depressing for a spring party, so I added some bright colors in the shoes and jewelry (plus, it’s me, so you know – I have to include color).  Camden also happens to really like both of those colors, so yay for me!


Look 3: The Unexpected

Camden Bach 2

Probably the most unconventional of these looks is this cool sweatshirt dress.  Unfortunately, Gap didn’t have a view of the back, which doesn’t make any sense since they advertise the back in the name of the dress (the website calls it Eyelet Back Sweatshirt Dress)…  But, I can imagine an eyelet back and it sounds adorable.  Obviously, a sweatshirt would be warm, and dressy sweatshirts are very in right now.  I chose to pair it with some cute low booties – nothing too heavy or clunky to weigh down the look or make it too winter-y.  And, I kept the accessories light but dressy enough to balance the casual dress.  I see this as being really cute with one of those super casual messy pony-tails I always admire but have yet to master.


Look 4: The Mover and Shaker

Camden Bach 1

Black velvet skirt

This final look conveys power to me – nothing is as cool and put-together as a blazer.

I included a skirt option in case you’re just not feeling a dress.  The crochet detail on this skirt is very cute and on-trend, and also gives the black skirt a spring-time feel.  I added some sparkle with the tank (something I know Camden likes and is also very appropriate for a bachelorette party) and then some color in the blazer.  This is a perfect outfit for dinner and dancing.  Assuming the blacks match (they don’t in this picture), you could lose the jacket when the dance floor gets too hot and still look perfectly put together.

So, those are my ideas for the perfect bachelorette party.  What do you think?  Any great trends or go-to pieces you have that I forgot?