The other day, I got to go to a luncheon with my old buddy, the Congressman (you remember this story, right?)  And if there’s one thing I learned from working at a law school for 6 years, it’s how to dress for an important luncheon. imageSince I wasn’t speaking, I didn’t need to be ultra conservative, so I wore polka dots and shoes with flowers on them.  But, I also didn’t want to look like I was dressed for prom (some of the other guests didn’t get the “it’s not prom” memo), so I toned down my satin dress with a blazer and pearls. (Honestly, most of my clothes are still in storage, so it was either my satin dress or the one I wore the last time I met the Congressman…and, that would have been embarrassing.  Obvs.)

Satin Dress and Polka Dot blazer

Morgan dress
$58 –

Tailored blazer

Enrico fantini shoes
$91 –

Corded Pearl Bracelet