I was going through my phone to see what outfits I’d recently worn that still needed blogging, and I found this one from quite a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe I never posted this look – I did really like it.
A debate remains between my mother and me about what color the stripes are on this dress.  I think they’re navy, she says black.  But, with my blue accessories, I was obviously treating them as navy; with colors that are so on the fence, I think you can really make them go either way, depending on what you put with them.  Which is handy.

I love my cowboy boots, but surprisingly, I really haven’t had as much opportunity to wear them in Georgia as I did in Virginia.  I need to find the honkytonks soon!  In the meantime, I’ll wear them to work.  Because I can.

A couple notes on the accessories: my belt is actually on backwards.  The front is really blingy and would have looked funny with this outfit.  But, it looks just fine backwards and no one would suspect it wasn’t supposed to be that way (this is where confidence comes in – own whatever you do and no one will question you).

The headband also requires a bit of confidence.  The hippy look is back, and I like it, but at first I was afraid I couldn’t pull it off.  I’m guessing probably a lot of you would think the same, but if you just do it, you’ll find that people admire your courage which will only further boost your self-assurance.  (Having said that, the headband should probably be slightly lower on my forehead…but you get the idea.)


Yellow dress and boots