You all should probably just get used to the phrase, “I bought this in India.” Its going to take me a while to cycle through all the things I bought.


Next up is this beautiful yellow scarf. I need another scarf like I need the proverbial hole in my head, but it was just so pretty, and as much as I like yellow, I really don’t have a lot in the color. So, purchase justified.

I also bought this wooden bangle in India.  It was used and quite dirty, and although the guy said he’d polish it, that shockingly never happened…  Fortunately, my mother is a wizard with dish soap, and my $2.50 diamond in the rough looks almost as good as new.  Maybe one day I will learn these matronly, domestic skills. As of right now, I fear for my children.

Yellow scarf and blue skater skirt

Pleated skirt

Merona shoes

Tie scarve

Wide belt