I’m very happy to feature today one of my sweet Virginia Beach friends (come to think of it, all of my Virginia Beach friends were pretty sweet) – Wendy.

Wendy and I went to church together and I was always impressed with her sense of style and her hair – especially her hair (hair envy is a real struggle for me, y’all).

A couple weeks ago, Wendy sent me two different outfits she’d picked out, and they were both such perfection, I asked her if I could feature them here.  She kindly agreed.

First up is a great going-out look:
I don’t think I can say enough good things about this dress.  First of all, a good long-sleeved dress is hard to find and this one’s fantastic.  Second of all, I love black and brown together intentionally.  And most importantly, Wendy perfectly struck that elusive balance of highlighting her curves, not overemphasizing or hiding them.  I wish she would give lessons. 

One more point on this look – those shoes!!!  I don’t always like matching so closely, but when it’s this perfect, you kind of have to go with it.  The clutch is a great coordinating statement piece.

For her second look, Wendy went a little more casual but still trendy and flirty:
I love wine – it’s one of fall/winter’s best colors.  Again, this shirt fits Wendy so well, and the shoes give the overall look a great finishing touch.  Mono-chromatic is coming back in again, anyway (I’ll never fully say good-bye, Color Blocking!), so everything about Wendy’s outfit is perfectly on trend.

As a bonus, and the one of which I’m most personally proud, is Wendy’s headband look.  She told me she’d read my post about “owning it”, and boy, did she ever!  She looks great – retro, but still completely modern.


Thanks for the great outfit ideas, Wendy – you look superb!

If you would like to be featured on an Inspired Look post, send me a picture – I love getting ideas from my friends!