Moving can be fun.  Sure, it’s a lot of work, and no one likes living out of disheveled boxes for a couple weeks (I mean, maybe for you all it’s a couple days, but I’m being honest here).

But the fun part is opening said boxes and finding things you’d forgotten you owned – especially when one of those things is a brand new dress you bought at the end of the season and never had a chance to wear.

I love getting new dresses for Easter, but this year I just didn’t have time.  So, I was thrilled to find this dress and have something perfectly spring-y and new.

I was even more thrilled to have a date dress to wear the very next night.  Now you guys know I don’t usually wear the same thing two days in a row – where’s the fun in that?  But, the whole box situation is cramping my style.  And he hadn’t seen it anyway.  So, I mixed up my accessories (the picture above is my date iteration; for Easter, I switched the belt and shoes – yellow belt, cream heels – and wore some colored bangles), and it felt pretty much new again.

A couple notes – you can’t really tell, but the top of this dress is sheer, and it’s very pretty and feminine.  I also love having clothing with every color of the rainbow.  Because who wouldn’t?  And, this cool lion bracelet was in my Easter basket (aka a gift bag b/c I’m old now).

Finally, I think Monday nights should be date nights more often.  Looking forward to it makes the whole day a lot more enjoyable.

(Selfie just because I felt pretty.)

Peach floral dress, yellow shoes

AX Paris sleeveless dress
$42 –

Jane Norman gold jewelry
$17 –

Kate Spade ring

Banana Republic gold bracelet