Last weekend, I was in Virginia Beach, aka God’s country, aka the most wonderful place on earth. While I was there, I was talking to my friend Celeste about how many shoes I own, because I had just moved and counted them. I guess that makes me a nerd.

Anyway, Celeste had a wonderful idea. She suggested that I blog about my shoes. I mean yes, I do wear shoes regularly, so in a sense I’ve always blogged about them, but I’ve not specifically featured each pair.

So as you may have guessed by the title of this post, I will be taking this summer, plus or minus a few weeks, to showcase each one of my shoes. I have at least 80 pairs*, and I anticipate adding a couple more over the course in the summer. Note: I do not count flip flops.

So, welcome to this new adventure. I hope you enjoy the journey through my closet as much as I have enjoyed building it.


The shoes above were a gift from my sister who went on a mission trip to Scotland many years ago. Actually, she bought them for herself. I’m not sure how I inherited them, but obviously they’re adorable. And, I loved mixing the polka dots with the star scarf and the striped bangle (which, of course, I bought in India – obvs). The patterns added just a little interest to the outfit, but the uniform color scheme kept everything in good taste.

* Disclaimer: periodically throughout my life, and especially since coming back from India, I struggle with how materialistic I may or may not be. I realize 80 pairs of shoes is a lot. However, I usually come to the conclusion that since I’m not going into debt buying shoes or clothing, and since I really do take joy in fashion, that it is an allowed expression of my artistic side. (Also, I’ve had many of these for several years, & I really pay more than $20 for shoes. So there’s that.)