Honestly, I don’t think I need to say anything about these shoes.  Metallic (or really, any contrasting color) capped toes are still super in, and these pumps are the perfect dress-up-any-look go-to.
Of course the real star of this look is my Barbie shoe bracelet. I’ve blogged about it before – I’m sure you remember, because how could you forget something like that?  And how fitting for my summer shoe theme.  I should probably wear it everyday this summer.  Do you think that might be overkill?
I realized I’d kinda dropped off telling you about my great deals somewhere along the way.  My bad.  These shoes were from Macy’s during last year’s shoe shopping spree, the tank from H&M for like $7, and the blazer was free at a swap party.  Free is my favorite price.

Pink blazer, capped toe heels, shoe bracelet

Mango black shirt
$25 – johnlewis.com

Chaus pink blazer

Pointed toe pumps

Amrita Singh earrings