Based on the following post, you might think I go on mission trips all the time.  That would be inaccurate.

These shoes are from Colombia, and are the only remaining souvenir from my time there (I also got a REALLY great haircut, but sadly, I could never recreate it here in the States.)

DSC_0108Super cute, right?  They came from the Bogota version of Rack Room Shoes.  Very exotic.

It should be noted at this point that I’m bad at finding good deals and/or haggling in other countries.  I find reasonable prices by American standards, but not those bargain basement deals everyone else seems to find on the mission field.  I’m doing something wrong.

Indian Pants, Colombia shoesTo complete my international look, I wore my favorite pants I bought in India.  I bought them knowing that loose, pajama-like pants were still a trend, but had I realized just how big the flowy pants with elastic ankle cuffs were going to become, I would have stocked up.

I love the floral pattern of this pair (I also love that florals are so in right now), but I would have preferred the pockets to be on the side, a la 1995 cargo pants, rather than in the middle of my thigh. I always feel slightly like a clown when I wear them.  But, they’re pretty, so I embrace it.

Fashion Tip of The Day: To avoid drowning in flowy clothes, balance is always key.  When wearing something loose on the bottom, focus on a more tailored fit on top, and vice versa.

Floral sandals and pants

H M white sheer top
$34 –

Even&odd blue sandals
$43 –

Oasis bracelet set
$15 –