I’ve already blogged these shoes, too (y’all, we’ll get through all 80 eventually…)

Having said that, there are several things I’d like to mention about this look.

1) Yes, I did think I was cool wearing my fake Ray-Bans that I bought in India.

2) No, I don’t think my massive earrings combined with my massive Indian bangles were too much.

3) I love my word rings – “love” and “hope”.  I don’t know why jewelry that spells things is so cool to me, but it is.

4) My hair is awesome.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to recreate it – hopefully I can better perfect it.  But, a French braid is about the only cool thing I know how to do with my hair, so I’m determined to master this upside-down one I keep seeing in fashion mags.
Gray t-shirt, purple skirtAnd now my public service announcement:

I’m sure you’ve all seen those body-image things floating around Facebook.  From Colbie Caillat’s new music video to the Dove campaign, celebrities and companies alike are really jumping on the “be beautiful as you are” bandwagon.  And, it’s a good bandwagon, so I thought I’d jump on, too.

Below are two images of me.  The one on the right is airbrushed.  The one on the left is not.
before and afterI know absolutely nothing about Photoshop, and you should see even my creations in Microsoft Paint (I do not have a steady hand).  And yet, with no experience and a cool program (PicMonkey), I was able to make myself thinner, tanner, blemish free, and with more color on my lips.  Seriously, if I can do that in about 10 minutes, what  can the professionals do in the same amount of time or longer?  Very little that we see in the media (published or social) is as it really is, so to compare ourselves to others is just silly.

Personal growth is great.  Improve yourself if you want, whatever that means for you, but do it for yourself – not to live up to some false ideal.  Figure out who God made YOU to be, and be the best of that person that you can be.

Have a good weekend, everyone.  And if you do something uniquely YOU this weekend, tell me about it! Let’s all celebrate being our selves!