When I left my job at the law school, I was excited about a lot of the new opportunities in front of me, not the least of which (sadly) was that I could wear casual clothes to work.

While I do like having more options now for everyday wear, the novelty has worn off and part of me misses some of my professional looks. And the shoes. So, now and then, I wear them, anyway.
DSC_0603These brown mock-croc pumps are a professional wardrobe staple.  I forgot to take a picture of the heel, but they’re a sensible, yet cute, 2.5 inches.  So, naturally, I had to pair them with something a little less sensible: like brightly-colored jeans and a long, un-tucked floral blouse.
1 - floral shirt, coral jeansYesterday, I was reading InStyle magazine and there was an article about cuffing your jeans.  They recommended no straps (on your shoes), no cuffs; thin straps, thin cuffs, thick straps, thick cuffs.  I think this is a good rule of thumb, but as with almost every fashion rule, there are exceptions.  My (too-long for me, but they were a great deal) coral jeans are a perfect example, as the wide cuffs go just fine with my strapless pumps.

Also, sorry about my hair.  I apparently went through about a 10 day period when I didn’t feel the need to brush it.  So, I apologize in advance for the next few posts.  We’ll just chalk it up to my tribute to the return of grunge – it’s as close as this girl will ever get.

  • Blouse – Selah (some new cheapo mall store)
  • Jeans – JCrew sample sale in NYC (I will probably keep these jeans until the day I die just so I can keep telling people that’s where I got them)
  • Shoes: a gift, so not sure
  • Cuff: Rue 21
  • Yellow tank under blouse – Old Navy