I keep hearing all these people say they’re ready for fall, and I just don’t understand it.  Yes, I’m normally one of those people, but hasn’t this been about the mildest (and shortest summer) ever?  Maybe it’s just because I’ve been away from my beloved beach and have traveled so much, but I don’t feel like we’ve had a summer at all yet.  Or maybe I just remember better than most how frigid this past winter was, and I’m not ready for that again.  Or maybe, it’s because I have shown you nowhere near all 80 pairs of my shoes, and the title of this journey is quickly becoming irrelevant.

Regardless, I’m not ready to give up my wedges and neons yet.  So, let’s not.

DSC_0590Now, looking at this outfit, you may be thinking, “Didn’t she just go on a rant against the First Lady for wearing neon?”  And you would be correct – I did.  But you may also remember that part of being tastefully trendy is being age and occasion-appropriate with your clothing choices.  I am both considerably younger than Mrs. Obama and not First Lady, so I can take a few more liberties with trends.  Hence, the hot pink.
1 - neon pink shirt, white jeansAhh, summer.  Please don’t go.