You may remember a certain super cute pair of shoes from Scotland. Turns out, those Scottish really love their polka-dot, pointy-toed flats, and my sister really liked buying them.  You will not hear me complain.
DSC_0841I couldn’t get the colors/lighting quite right for this picture, obviously, but as you can kinda make out, the trim is mint-green, and the polka dots lavender and mint.  So, they’re the cutest…
1 - Purple striped dress, cardiganI got this dress a few years ago at Loft for $3.00.  Let that sink in for just a moment. Not only did I get a dress for $3.00 – an unusual feat, but not unheard of in my life.  But, from Loft?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a headband there on clearance for $3.00.  Right place, right time.  Hashtag blessed.

Oh, and this beautiful bracelet was a gift from my friend Julianne – she went on a cruise for her 30th birthday, and brought me back one of the prettiest bracelets I own.  Yeah, a cruise would have been nice, but for once, the souvenir was almost as good.

  • Dress: Loft
  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Headband: Forever 21?
  • Shoes: Scotland
  • Bracelet: some Caribbean island