I love these yellow pumps.  I mean, they’re the absolute perfect shade – not too neon, not too pale.  And, you’d be surprised how often a good pair of yellow pumps comes in handy.
DSC_0851Yet, I’m toying with the idea of getting rid of them.  A friend gave these shoes to me because they hurt her feet.  I thought I had feet of steel, so naturally, I accepted them.  Turns out, I do not.  The shoes kill me, too – not to mention they’re too big.  I’ve learned that 9West is just not a good brand for me, which is a shame, because they’re cute and readily available at stores like Marshalls and Ross.

Every time I think of getting rid of these cuties, though, I see how perfectly they accent whatever outfit I’m wearing, and I can’t bring myself to do it.  Case in point:
1 - Duck sweater, green jeansThis look is entirely too Fall for my tastes…but it’s pretty much the cutest outfit ever, so I’m over the weather issue.  Usually, I don’t wear coral and green together, but for some reason, with this sweater, green is my go-to accent (the alternative was my lime green shorts, but they were a little inappro for the office).

Do you have shoes – or another piece of clothing or jewelry – that you cling to, even though it is uncomfortable/doesn’t fit/lost its shape long ago? What do you love about it?