You’ve seen these shoes before, so I’ll just skip straight to apologizing for my hair: I let it get out of control.  I haven’t quite figured out why layers don’t just get longer in the same shape they started, but since they don’t, I guess I need to keep up with it better, even if I did just move and lose the greatest hairdresser known to man…  Bear with me for a few more crazy-haired looks, and we’ll get to better-groomed styles soon.
1 - blue and white romperIf this romper looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it in pink.  All of my comments about the pink one apply here, too, but two is always better than one.

One thing I like about these rompers is the seemingly infinite ways to style them.  I’m limited only by the number of belts I have (which is a ridiculously high amount, but still).  I’d really like to try this with a bright yellow wide belt.  If you have one I can borrow, let me know.  And if not, how would you style it?