Y’all, I think I’m secretly a 15 year old.  I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the past 8 months that I’ve lived in Georgia watching hair and make-up tutorials on Youtube.  If Pinterest and Youtube had existed when I was actually in high school, I would have been considerably more popular.  Or at least, more put together.
1 - pink blazer, green KedsFor my casual Friday look, I took a couple different cues from Pinterest and tied a ribbon around my giant sock bun.  (Actually, the pin wanted me to use a scarf, which I like – but I didn’t have one that matched). My secret for the sock bun is a) to not use a sock.  The mesh things work better for me.  But b) and more significantly, my hair needs to be a little damp.  If it’s completely dry, it’ll go in every direction except the one I want.  A little dampness allows me to manipulate it long enough to get it tucked into the mesh thing (does anyone know what those are actually called?) and roll it down into the bun.

I love my hot pink blazer, but I really wanted to be comfortable, so I paired it with jeans and my ol’ faithful fake Keds, with a multi-colored necklace to tie it altogether.  Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations, but I did have some pretty sweet yellow platform sneakers in 6th grade that would have worked equally well.