If there is one trend my mom just can’t understand, it’s mixing high and low styles.  Were she to see my chambray shirt and lace skirt, she was say something very mom-ish like, “Well, you look nice, but I just wouldn’t put those things together. That skirt is just so dressy.”

1 - lace skirt, chambrayShe’s not wrong; this skirt is dressy.  But, I love the high-low trend because without it, I’d never get to wear this skirt.  It would be relegated to holiday parties and afternoon bridal showers, and that would be a waste of a beautiful piece.

Also, can we talk about my hair again for a moment, please?  You all really need to try my headband trick.  It’s a miracle technique and I will swear by it til the day I die.

I’m going to a wedding this weekend, y’all, and I’ve got the best dress ever (except, you know, the one the bride will be wearing).  Can’t wait to show you!  Have a great weekend, friends – love you all!