I may have lied on Wednesday when I said that was my last summer outfit.  My bad.  But for real this time – here is my last nod to that blessed season (I think.)

The occasion for this unintentionally patriotic outfit was a Big and Rich concert, so patriotism was in order, even if it was accidental on my part.

If there were ever a time that red cowboy boots were appropriate, it was this concert, so starting with the boots, I built my look from the ground up, ending with a statement necklace to tie it all together.  I should wear statement necklaces more often because they’re really fun and add interest to any simple look.  Also, my hair was completely flat by the end of the night, a testament not to the failure of my beloved headband trick, but to just how hot and muggy it was outside that night.  And how gross and sweaty I got.  Totes worth it.

1 - blue tank, red bootsI’ve wanted to see the Big and Rich guys in concert since for about 10 years, so this event was definitely a bucket list item checked off.  The fact that it was free made it even better.  And they were just as delightfully rowdy as I expected.

I’ve still got Carrie Underwood on my must-see live list.  Do you have bucket list concert(s)? Have you checked any off yet?  Let me know, because if there’s one thing I love as much as fashion, it’s music.  Let’s chat!