Sorry for going MIA on you guys this past week.  I went on a spontaneous trip to Virginia Beach, and my soul needed it.  I feel more like myself now than I have in months; maybe my clothes and writing will reflect that.
1 - genie pants, pearlsI love my little genie pants.  They’re not quite harem pants – they don’t completely balloon at the hips. But, they are tapered at the ankles and the perfect amount of looseness; so I consider them genie pants. And they’re super comfortable.

I don’t always love things tucked-in on me.  Due to my very short-waist and a strong desire to mask my midsection at all times (everyone has insecurities), I prefer longer layers, usually hitting me about hip-level.  However, that length changes the shape of the pants – or at least hides it.  Since the shape is most of these pants’ charm, I chose to take one for the team and tuck in my tank.  At least the long pearls give an illusion of length.  Let me know if you’re fooled.