Well, it’s 80 degrees here in Georgia – and, it’s almost November…  I would call this an Indian summer, but I’m sure that’s not politically correct. So, instead, I’ll call it ridiculous.

Dressing for 80 degrees well into PSL season is no easy task.  So, I fudged it a little.  I bought this dress on clearance at Target the other day – $15!  It’s really pretty, but definitely summer, as evidenced by the bare shoulders, the crocheted details, and the sheer overlay (which you can’t tell from this picture).  I would say the floral pattern is also a summer give-away, but florals are in this fall/winter, and since this pattern features more subdued colors on a black background (rather than bright pastels), I’m almost fooling people.

I got my hair cut the other day, and the girl did a really good job.  Except she gave me straight-across bangs.  Granted, I’d asked for them, but I always forget I don’t like them on me – I mean, looking young is an eternal goal of mine, but not middle-schooler young.  It totally worked for Cinderella, but I’m glad they can already be brushed to the side.

1 - black floral dressIs it hot where you are?  How are you dealing?  Do you love it or are you totally over it?