Although there are many things about big cities that I miss, sometimes small towns have their perks, like on Friday when the downtown gave way to hundreds of little Elsas and Avengers of all types. Our store is right on the downtown square, so we gave out candy and I got to dress up again!

As much as I loved my Cinderella costume, it wasn’t really appropriate for daytime with children (also, it didn’t exactly fit our store theme). So, instead, I got to wear this beautiful sari, which actually, I loved just as much.

I’m not sure how Indian women wear these everyday. For one thing, I don’t know how they get in them. It took a friend who has lived in India and a YouTube video to get me in mine, and I’m pretty sure even if I’d known how, I don’t have enough hands to do it all myself.  But for another, they’re really hard to move in.  Mine wasn’t wrapped quite tight enough so I was afraid if I moved too much, it would fall.  But, if they’re wrapped as tight as they’re supposed to be, you still can’t move because you legitimately can’t move – so tight.  So, hats off, Indian women!

imageIsn’t that pretty?  I wished for a minute I’d bought one in India, but then I remembered I would never actually wear it here, so it was probably better I saved my money.  But, if we could somehow Americanize these, I’d be grateful.  Beautiful fabric with a flattering/forgiving silhouette?  Yes, please.

imageI chose to wear my authentic Indian sandals (by authentic, I mean I bought them in India) to go with the sari, and then jewelry from our store.  If I really had wanted to be authentic, I would have worn matching bangles on both wrists (and a lot more of them), but this was close enough.  The under garments also made me think for a second I could pull off the cropped top look that’s in right now.  But, then I remembered I’m a self-respecting almost 30 year old and dismissed that idea.

What do you think?  Should we start a movement to bring saris to America?