One of the things I was (very shallowly) most excited about when taking my new position in Georgia was that I could dress casually for work.  I was tired of pencil skirts and heels.  Or so I thought.

But, many days, I find myself wearing my old law school clothes and shoes.  I don’t know if this is a deep rut I can’t get out of, a subconscious belief that business or at least business casual should prevail in the office, or if I just really like dressing up.  Regardless, more often than not, I wear shoes like these pretty purple pumps my friend Vivian gave me:
DSC_1334and conservative straight-leg trousers like these:
1 - winter white, turquoise, purpleOf course, we all know that I can’t do anything strictly conservatively, so, I spiced up my professional look with bright colors.  Unacceptable in the court room, but okay just about anywhere else.

Purple and turquoise are one of my favorite color combos.  What are yours?