Yesterday’s trendy party was super fun, but for today’s Christmas party look, let’s turn toward the holiday dinner party or firm/hospital party (i.e., a swanky office party – my office parties are generally just sweater/jeans attire).  I have a lot of disclaimers about this outfit, actually, but first, let’s talk about why it works.

I’ve never quite understood the idea of getting plastered with your coworkers at the holidays – I think it would just make for a very awkward Monday the next week.  Wearing too-revealing clothing follows along those same lines.  This dress works – it is a modest length (really, too long on me, but we’re jumping ahead to the disclaimer section), has a flatteringly deep V neckline without showing too much, and offers just the right amount of sparkle and movement.  Plus, black is always appropriate, and the touches of red make for festive accents.

1 - black party dressI also love, love, love my hair and makeup here.  I don’t know how it happened, but while this is my least favorite of my three holiday clothing looks, it’s definitely my favorite hair/makeup combination.  I went for a bold eye, with shimmery gray/black shadows and a forest green eyeliner (I really love colored eye liners).  To avoid competing with my eyes, I then opted for a neutral lip, even putting foundation on my lips to tone down the color (I read that’s a thing).

DSC_1487Now, for my disclaimers.  I’ve lost a little weight since I bought this dress a few years ago, so, in addition to being really too long for me (I think just above the knee is more flattering generally, but especially on my short frame), it just doesn’t hang right anymore.  Also, I would have worn different shoes if this were real life – I love my suede red pumps, but they’re a little too practical for a Christmas party – something taller, strappier, and/or sparklier would have been better.  Alas, they were the best I had for a pretend outfit.

All that to say, stick with more traditional and conservative lines and colors for formal (in the sense of traditional, not in the sense of black tie) dinner and office parties.  And if  you’re a little taller than me and you’d like a size 6 (maybe fits more like an 8) black dress, please let me know.  I’ll send it to you (seriously).