First of all, before everyone starts staging an intervention, I HAVE taken down my Christmas tree.  It is still sitting in my spare room, waiting to go in the closet, but it is down.  However, since I took such an inexplicably long break from blogging this month, some of these pictures are old.  So, sorry about that.

I’ve been taking a class online in web design and it’s got me all fired up to create my own template (or at least pick one that requires some more tinkering than the standard WordPress template), so be on the lookout for changes over the next few months!  (But don’t look too closely…this may take a while.)

Anyway, this outfit.  I bought this MASSIVE sweater dress from a rummage sale to benefit Beloved Atlanta, an anti-trafficking organization.  I think it’s originally from Anthropologie, and it was $10, so I bought it – even if it is a large, and I’m not.

Honestly, I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do with it.  I wanted to wear it as one of those cool, long, open cardigans I see everywhere, but it’s just too big for that.  And then there are buttons in weird places.  So, this belted look is the best I could do, but I think it works.  And y’all, this is the warmest thing I’ve EVER put on my body.  Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear unless I traveled outside of Georgia, but I guess my blood has thinned, because I’ve worn it several times.

1 - blacksweaterdressI realize I’ve yet to show you these over-the-knee boots actually over the knee.  I really prefer them that way, but with the length of this skirt, they had to be folded over.  I did take two pictures for you of the detailing, though, so you could see the super cute zipper down the backs and the super fuzzy buckle on the sides.

Stay safe, friends in the snow!  And send some my way, if you think about it.  I asked my boss if we could have a sympathy snow day this week…he didn’t think that was as good an idea as I did.