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Moving on Up

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new and improved Tastefully Trendy!  If you’re viewing this on a phone, it probably doesn’t look that different or exciting.  Sorry.  But, if you’re on a desktop, your life is kinda changed forever, right?  I thought so.

I was so excited about all my newly acquired HTML knowledge, that I was going to build this site from the ground up.  Then, reality set in and I realized that, with my skill set and depth of expertise, doing so would take me, oh, about 17 years.  So, I still kept a template, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Let me walk you through a few things – just to be sure no one gets lost in the wonder of it all.

First of all, those tabs across the top look pretty snazzy, don’t they?  I’ve decided to branch out a little bit from my daily outfits and include tutorials (I’m going to shoot for once a week…so maybe once a month is a realistic expectation) to product reviews (these will be products I purchase for myself, of course, until I can get someone to send me their items to review for free), and what I’m most excited about, “That Single Life”.    As probably all of you know because you’re my facebook friend or have been following my blog and I hold very little back on either platform, I’m now 30, and still single.  I didn’t choose this life – it chose me.  And, with this position comes great responsibility…to share all the ridiculous stories that happen to me.  Out of respect for those involved, I’ll change the names and maybe some of the details.  But, men, if you recognize yourself, I apologize.  Just think of me as the real-life Taylor Swift.

So, what do you think?  Do you like the new template and/or new direction?  (Don’t worry, I’ll still post about my outfits most of the time – it’s what I do best!)  Do you hate it?  Are you personally offended that I compared myself to Taylor?  Let me hear your thoughts in the comments!

(BTW – I can change that block of text in the center to a logo…if I had one.  If any of my graphic design friends are bored one day and want to just draw me up something pretty, I wouldn’t say no.) 

Oh, and just so this post isn’t entirely text, here’s a selfie of what I wore to watch that horrible Super Bowl last night.  That is all. wpid-wp-1422933388848.jpeg


  1. Sorry, y’all – no wonder I get comments so infrequently. My settings were so prohibitive! Hopefully they’re fixed now. 🙂

  2. Lovely! I always enjoy reading your blog. I’m looking forward to the single life section…but kinda thinking it won’t last long. 😉

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