While I’m no longer 15 and thus not up on the latest lingo, I’m pretty sure #FBF actually means Follow-Back Friday, rather than Flashback Friday.  We already have #TBT – why would we need a second retro day, immediately after the first?

However, I saw an article on Buzzfeed yesterday that HAD to be shared, and Flashback Friday seemed highly appropriate.  Guys….JNCO’s are coming back!  Yes, that extreme wide-leg fashion staple of middle school that we’d all thought was buried forever – it’s making a comeback!  Or at least trying to.  I personally don’t think it will happen (or should), but the trip down memory lane was totally worth it’s weight in marketing dollars.  Check out the awesome photos on Buzzfeed here.

And then, let’s do a Tastefully Trendy flashback to when I still had my Christmas tree up.  Which wasn’t all that long ago, let’s be honest.  But, still.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the way the necklace and scarf lay against each other.  I don’t usually wear both, but I really liked the detail in this case. And my hair is in the pre-curl stage of my no-heat wrapping.  When I wear it during the day, I’ll use a pretty headband, and usually push it up higher on my head (or wherever it looks cute and won’t give me a headache).  This headband is actually pretty stretched out, so it’s hard to get my hair to stay in it long enough to curl.  I just keep tucking throughout the day.  #worthit

1- Scarf and necklaceWhat about you?  Flashback Friday or Follow-Back Friday?  JNCOs back in style: do or don’t?  What fashion trend from the 90s do you miss – and wish would come back?  Any you hope never do?  Let’s reminisce together!