I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut lately, recycling the same pieces over and over (short-sleeved gray sweater, check; fleece-lined leggings, check; puffy vests, check). I am always in favor of mixing and matching, but I feel like I’ve taken it to a bit of an extreme. I think I’m so over the cold that whenever I get up in the morning, I’m just automatically drawn to whatever I think will keep me warmest; unfortunately, I haven’t invested in as many sub-zero pieces as I apparently should have (you live in Georgia, they said.  It’s hot there, they said).

So, hopefully this never-ending winter will, in fact, soon end, and I can start rotating between the other 9/10ths of my closet, and stop with these same 4 or 5 pieces.  In the meantime, here is my other puffy vest (you may remember the blue and white one that is so popular among the 60+ set).  I’ve had it for several years (it was a great Christmas gift from my brother many years ago), and while I’m wearing it a little more often than I’d like, I am glad to now be getting some good use out of it.

And, let’s talk about my jeans.  I LOVE the wash on these.  It’s so unexpected; white, without actually being white.  I got them at Target, using the Target Cartwheel app (if you haven’t downloaded this app yet, you need to do it ASAP.  Free coupons; I bought these with 20% off all clearance apparel!  You will thank me, I assure you.).

1 - brown and pink puffy vestHow is your winter wardrobe holding up?  Are you ready to switch over to spring fashion – or just ready to make the switch to spring weather?

  • Boots: DressUp
  • Blouse: Old Navy
  • Vest: long ago gift, but I think from Rue 21 originally?
  • Jeans: Target