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TBT: That Professional Life

Hey guys, remember when I used to wear clothes like this every day?  Me too.  And sometimes I miss it.  But other times when it’s 11 degrees and I can throw on my fleece leggings, I don’t.

One day last week it warmed up enough for me to consider putting on my thickest tights instead of leggings, and I pulled out my beloved, but lately neglected, checkerboard skirt.  I’ll never forget buying this skirt.  I had seen it in JCPenney but it wasn’t on sale enough (everything in JCP is on some sale), so I decided to wait.  A few weeks later, I went back, and it was on clearance, so within my budget.  I snatched it up, and remembered again my shopping mantra: good things come to those who wait.

I really like pink with black and white (an idea possibly sparked by the hot pink belt that actually came with this skirt), so while it may be slightly hard to completely distinguish the colors in this picture, I paired a soft pink and white striped blouse with the more rose-colored cardi, and added the only statement necklace I had that would fit with the two necklines.
1 - pink and black professionalI think these cap-toe shoes might be on their way out; or maybe they’re already gone.  But I still love these shoes, so I’m not ready to let go.  Yet.

Do you like pairing brights with black and white or are you a purist?  Which is your favorite combo?  Let’s talk!


  1. Whenever we are told to dress up more at work (i.e. board of director meetings), everyone shows ups wearing black. They add white if they want to not be so funereal. It totally depresses me! I use black and white as a canvas for color. Today I’m wearing gray dress pants, black heels, and a black shirt, but I also have a robin’s egg blue cami under the black shirt and spring-like, flowered scarf. The scarf is what I wanted to highlight, so the black is a nice background.

    I say mix black and white and colors!! Although I do admit the classiness of black and white in the right situation. But black by itself too often just makes me sad and long for color! With the dingy winter, I’m longing for spring and color. I’m trying to induce spring little by little. 🙂

    • Sarah_Beth

      March 5, 2015 at 8:15 pm

      yay, Naomi! I think people are scared of adding color, but it makes life so much more interesting! I’ve always wondered about fashion designers who wear all black – how terribly boring and depressing! Maybe they’ve just used all their creative energy on other people, but I’m all for compelling spring to show up by whatever means possible! 🙂

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