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Black and White and Pink All Over

It’s funny to me which outfits people really love.  When I wore the one below, I got a million compliments on it.  And, it’s cute – I really like the skirt.  But, I wish I were able to analyze deeply what it is about certain outfits that people really like so that I could a) capitalize on that personally, and b) write a book about it.

Maybe you can tell?  It’s hard from a picture.  To be honest, my outfits often don’t photograph as well as they look in real life.  I’m not saying that to either flatter or denigrate myself, but I’ve noticed it’s really true.  Probably about once a week, I wear something that I don’t even blog about because it just looked so bad on camera.  So, no offense taken if you’re not that “taken” with this outfit.  But, please do believe me that it was cute in real life. And so easy – cotton tee, comfy infinity scarf, flattering bubble skirt.

1 - coral tee, bubble skirtDo you have a few pieces that people love?  Have you been able to isolate what it is about them – the color, the fit, the style? Oh, and if my face looks funny, it’s just because I had literally just had my hair cut, and I always ask them to cut my bangs slightly too short.  I look weird for about a week, and then they stay the right length(s) for a lot longer.


  1. You look precious!!!
    I need a good black scarf.

    • Sarah_Beth

      April 23, 2015 at 9:03 pm

      Thanks, Rebecca Jo! Yeah, I don’t know where to find them – this one was given to me. But, it’s certainly handy!

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