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Red, White, and Blue Times 2

Sometimes I feel like my fashion identity is all over the place – I’ll be bohemian one day, preppy the next, super trendy another.  I attribute this primarily to having moved so much and picking up different style characteristics from all over the country (seriously, travel the four hours from Georgia to Nashville and you’re in another world.  Go up to New England, and it changes again.  And California has always done it’s own thing, of course.)

I also just genuinely like elements of a lot of different styles and can’t bring myself to be limited to only one.  However, one of the biggest current factors in my sartorial (doesn’t that make me sound like a fancy fashion editor?) identity crisis is my job situation.  While I love being able to wear almost whatever I want to work, I did work at a law school for 6 years, and I can’t quite break the professional dress code.  So, I waffle back and forth between jeans and heels on a daily basis.

I really love dressing professionally, though.  I also really love wearing patriotic colors all summer long (why restrict celebrating the greatest country on earth to only one or two holidays?)

The irony of this first outfit is that I bought the dress in India, yet it is often part of my most patriotic outfits.  I love this red bow belt my mom gave me, too (well, it’s a bow if I wasn’t wearing it on the loosest hole…so just take my word for it), and the neutral heels allow the outfit to pull the weight, while not looking too matchy-matchy as red, white, or blue might have.
1 - polka dots, red bow beltThis second dress is so pretty – it’s a navy and white, almost tapestry fabric, and it’s a very flattering cut…if it fit properly.  Alas, I didn’t try it on and it’s too big.  I’m planning to have it taken in because it’s just too cute to give away, but in the mean time, some safety pins hidden by a cardigan kept everything in place.

1 - tapestry dress, white cardigan(Disclaimer: a lot of my skirts are probably a little too short for a truly professional environment.  I would have felt self-conscious at the law school.  So, that is one freedom I do not take for granted!)

If I had to dress only one way for the rest of my life, it would probably be this – the professional/business/business-casual look.  Thankfully, I don’t have to do that, but if the world suddenly took a cruel turn, what would be your one style of choice?


  1. Bohemian skirts! Of which I only own one anymore because I’m not convinced they’re as flattering as they are comfortable and fun. 🙂

    • Sarah_Beth

      May 12, 2015 at 9:40 pm

      I think of bohemian skirts as neutral, Naomi – neither flattering nor unflattering. But they definitely flatter your personality, so don’t abandon them if you love them! 🙂

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