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Twofer Tuesday: Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are definitely my favorite trend right now.  They’re so comfortable, but somehow, still look dressy and dignified (that may also be due to the fact that my height disadvantage requires me to wear heels with them so they don’t drag on the ground…but whatever).

Here are two different pairs, and two totally different stylings.  In the first, I tried to make the look a little more casual with chambray and neon.  In the second, I obviously went for a dressier look with black and white and pearls.

Which look do you like better?

1 - chambray and palazzo(Btw, I think this whole tying shirts at the waist thing is back.  If not, I’m going to try to make it happen.  Hopefully I’m more successful than Gretchen was with “fetch.”)
1 - black palazzo, pearls
It’s a little hard to tell in this picture, but my shoes are pink. I wanted to introduce a subtle color into my black and white palette, but not distract from the elegant look. Pink is always an easy addition.


  1. I love BOTH looks! I need a pair of these pants…or seven. One for each day of the week. 😉

    I tied my shirt on Saturday. 😉 It’s coming back. Or at least, I’ll help you bring it back. 🙂

    • Sarah_Beth

      May 27, 2015 at 10:09 am

      Haha. I’m glad to hear that, Naomi! I’ll take the East Coast, you take the West, and together, we can make this trend happen! 😉

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