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SB’s European Vacation

On Wednesday, I talked about not wasting our preparation/waiting time by complaining or trying to wish it away.  Today, I’m going to address another side of “waiting” – the seizing the day part.  Let’s go!

The other day, I had an epiphany.

I was thinking about one of my coworkers who was traveling to Europe with her husband for her anniversary, and I thought, “I can’t wait to be married so I can go to Europe.” And then a remarkable thing happened.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m 30 and have this new self-awareness and confidence, or if I’ve just been single so long, this moment was inevitable, but it suddenly occurred to me, “wait a minute, I don’t have to have a husband to go to Europe.”  I have the funds (Dave Ramsey would say I didn’t, but whatever), and the time now – why wait?  Plus, while I do think I will get married eventually, what if I’m 85 before that happens?  I may not be able to go to Europe then, because I may have married the nice widower in the nursing home room next to me.  Or, even if I do have my health, I don’t want to be 85 with no life experiences to show for myself.

This was a big deal, guys.  I think we so often put things on hold as we’re waiting for the next chapter.  It’s not conscious.  I was not NOT going to Europe because I didn’t have a husband.  I just hadn’t thought about it because trips were always in the “next stage of life” compartment in my life.

So, I’m going to go to Europe next year – provided I can find someone to go with me (any takers? Men need not apply, simply because I don’t really believe in platonic relationships, and I don’t want one of us falling in love with the other and ruining my perfect vacation). I’ve got it all mapped out, budgeted, and planned, and I’m determined to make it happen – with or without a husband.

What have you been waiting on to do until that next chapter of your life rolls around – until you’re married, until you buy a house, until you have kids, until the kids are grown, until your parents are in better health…  What if that day never actually comes?  Or, what if it does come, but then there is some other obstacle that seems just as insurmountable.  We don’t have any guarantees in this life, so let’s carpe diem/YOLO/insert other cliche here and make the most of the time that we have.  Life is precious, so let’s not waste it waiting!

Can you relate to the putting things on hold while you wait for the next chapter?  Are any of those things you could do now, but either haven’t thought about or haven’t allowed yourself to do?  Jump on board this adventure with me and let’s start living.  What are you going to do?!


  1. Love this! If I magically get more vacation time at my job (har har ha r) I’ll go!

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