While I have been single almost all of my life (I heard once about a woman who was married like 13 times or something – that amazes me, as I can hardly find someone to go out with me twice), I did manage to fall in love once.  I don’t really talk about it here because there’s not much to say – I was in love, we didn’t work out, it’s still a sensitive subject.  You know, the stuff Taylor Swift songs are made of.

I mention it now because I’ve been having a hard time the past few weeks – rehashing things in my mind and otherwise torturing myself.  I blame it on Rascal Flatts. I saw them at the country music festival a few weeks ago, and while those guys have beautiful harmony, their sad songs know how to pull on your heart strings!

The point of all this, though, is that God is faithful.  Duh, but listen: over the last 2-3 weeks, I could feel my emotions building and whenever that happens, I tend to make a bad life decision as a way of dealing.  But, God knows that, and as I prayed that He would help me, He encouraged me in 4 different ways over a period of two days.  Between unexpected notes and emails, to an entire group of inmate admirers (a story for another day), God reminded me that a lot of people really care about me. There were so many random things in such a short period, I would have been foolish not to recognize God at work behind the scenes to encourage me, and that confidence boost was enough to get me through the weekend without doing something I’d regret.

Of course, I know that the high from a few compliments and out-of-the-blue assurances won’t last forever, but it was enough to help me over the current hump.  And, perhaps more significantly, to remember that God’s grace is always sufficient.  So, when the next hump comes – because, of course, it will come – His grace will again be available to me.  Circumstances and feelings do not need to dictate my actions.  I truly can do all things (even the really hard, emotional ones) through Christ who strengthens me.

If you’re going through something hard, I challenge you to look for the ways God is encouraging you. I know He is, but sometimes, we have to look for it.  And sometimes, we have to ask Him to help us look for it because we forget or are hurting too much to really pay attention.  But He will show you, if you ask.  Otherwise, what’s the point of His offering the help?  So, begin looking for the graces He gives us in every day life.  The struggles may not end, but the peace and strength to endure them gracefully and emerge stronger and more mature are always readily available to us.

Have a lovely, victorious, joyful weekend everyone!  <3