This is an important public service announcement.

Altar’d State, one of my favorite chain boutiques, is having a 70% off all sale items sale!  And this is not just one rack of clothes, y’all.  About a quarter of the store was devoted to these amazing mark-downs.

I went to the mall last night, fully intending to just return a dress and buy my mom a birthday gift.  I have already over-spent my budget for this month, and Dave Ramsey would not be pleased with me spending more right now.

But, 70% OFF!!!!  There is no human in this world strong enough to resist that lure.  I consider it a gift from God when I accidentally hit sales like that, so $75 later, I’m two dresses, a jumpsuit, tank top, scarf, and pair of shoes richer.  I’ll work it out next month.

If you don’t have an Altar’d State near you, check them out online.  Cute stuff, kinda overpriced, but the sale makes it definitely affordable.  And, they’re a Christian company that gives a portion of their proceeds to charity – you gotta like that in a mall store.

That is all.  Have a great weekend, everyone, and if you do find some good deals – at Altar’d State or elsewhere – let me know!