I’ve been super into shorts lately, which, I suppose, isn’t that noteworthy since it is summer.  However, my summer go-to for years’ past has always been skirts.  So, I’m not sure where this new-found affection is coming from…but I’m going with it.

On this particular day, I wore my favorite yellow shorts primarily because they matched my cute new necklace.  This necklace, by the way, came from a children’s store I just happened to visit with a friend.  You just never know where you’ll find $6 treasures!
1 - denim and yellowOf course, not everyone has the option to wear shorts to work, and as we’ve discussed before, I had to really get used to that option.  But, everyone does have to stay cool in the summer.  What’s your favorite method?  Are you a tank top girl, flip flops, pony tails, shorts, skirts, flowy pants…?  Or do you just suffer for 3-6 months of the year?  Let’s swap tips!