Continuing the dress theme from Monday is another one of my old faithfuls that I’m a little tired of.  Actually, it’s not really that old – I bought it in India, so just a little over a year ago.

But, it doesn’t really fit me THAT well (or doesn’t flatter me that much, might be more accurate), so I don’t wear it a lot.  I think the problem is the neckline.  Since I’m more top-heavy, things that have such a high neck tend to make me look suffocated and matronly.  Add in the cut of the sleeves, and it’s just not the best look for me.

But, this is a Top Shop dress, and I have so few name brand things, I don’t want to just get rid of it.  Plus, the pattern is cute.  So, I played around with the lines.

Adding the statement necklace helped break up the top, distracting the eye from how closed-up I look.  Normally I don’t wear a statement necklace with a patterned top – it can be too busy.  But, I needed something to break up the plane of my neck/chest.

Second, I put on a wide belt, which allowed me to control where the waist of the dress was (the actual dress waist isn’t at a very flattering spot on me).   The belt not only defines my waist, which helps give the appearance of an hour glass figure, instead of an apple…  But, by placing the belt a little higher, I’m also lengthening my legs, again distracting from how top-heavy I might otherwise look.

I’ll be honest – these shoes kinda weigh down the dress.  It’s probably better worn with some leg-elongating pumps.  But, they were new ($11 with the Target Cartwheel app, y’all.  I’m telling you, you need to get on that!), and I liked the idea of the lace-up edgy look with the also edgy tribal print.  So, I stuck with it, anyway.

1 - top shop dress, lace up wedgesWhat do you think of my creativity?  Does it sufficiently distract, or am I only fooling myself?  Also, and maybe more importantly, have you jumped on the Target Cartwheel app yet?!?  If so, let’s swap good deal stories!  There are few things I love so much as a good bargain.