By October, I think everyone can agree that it’s fully fall.  However, if you live in the South, it still may feel a little summery – it’s going to be 79 here tomorrow, y’all!

So, I get creative by mixing plaid long-sleeve blouses with shorts.  As long as the colors aren’t bright and summery, and the temperature matches, I’m a fan of shorts for way more than just the 3-4 officially “summer” months of the year.

I originally bought this shirt as a Halloween costume – I went as an “Occupier” one year (remember that movement?), so I tried to look as homeless as possible.  I rarely wear it now, but when I had a prompt for last month’s instagram challenge of “Check Her Out”, I realized that I didn’t have a lot of checks in my wardrobe to choose from (or any, really – hence the plaid).  Something to work on this season.
1 - check her outHope you’re all having a great week!  I hear the sun has finally started to come out along the East Coast, so let me see what cute clothes you’re wearing in celebration!