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Sometimes She’d Shop

For Christmas, I was given a wonderful gift from my father and brother – money.  Honestly, when I reflect on my season of unemployment, I’m grateful that it was only three months.  It seemed like forever, but I know many people who have been without income for 6 months, a year, or even longer.  But, I did really miss shopping.

Of course, I should have used that money to pay some bills…but, it was a gift, so I wanted to use it for me.  It’s burned a hole in my pocket, of course, but I do still have a little left.  I thought you might like to know what I’ve purchased so far – a lesson in getting some very real bang for your buck.

My shopping spree started at Target, where the Cartwheel app gave me 20% off clearance clothes.  Of course, the deep, deep discounts won’t be taken for another couple of weeks (it’s always right around my birthday), so I know these items will get cheaper, even taking into consideration 20% off.  With that in mind, I held off on items with a lot of stock.  But I did snag a cute camel blazer and navy heels for about $35 together.

Next I hit up a couple consignment stores – Plato’s Closet and a similar local place (with some higher end stuff).  I’ve never been opposed to used clothing, but I just hate thrift stores – they’re dirty and overwhelming because of all the things I definitely DO NOT want.  But, consignment stores tend to have more current styles and are generally much cleaner and better organized.  My best finds were an Anthropologie skirt (which looks like it’s never been worn), and a heavy wool Tahari cardigan for $9.
1231151551a.jpgI also went to the mall and found a couple great deals at Rue 21 (I know – teenagers, but for a slouchy beanie, who cares if it’s poor quality), the Limited, and Bath and Body works.

When it was all said and done, I am now the proud owner of:

  • 1 – blazer
  • 1 – blanket scarf
  • 2 – cardigans
  • 1 – blouse
  • 3 – skirts
  • 1 – pair of pumps
  • 1 – beanie
  • 4 – refills for B&BWorks air fresheners

all for a grand total of….$100!

It may have been my most rewarding shopping trip of all.  But mostly, I’m just happy to have new clothes to wear to my new job!

Have you ever had a remarkable shopping trip?  What are some of the best deals you’ve ever scored?  If you got money for Christmas, have you spent it yet or are you a little more patient than me?


  1. Nice beige blazer 🙂
    Maria V.

    • Sarah_Beth

      January 12, 2016 at 7:20 pm

      Thanks so much, Maria (and sorry to only now be replying!). I was super excited about my find! 🙂

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